Zhejiang International Studies University ( ZISU ) Introduction

Zhejiang International Studies University (Chinese: 浙江外国语学院; pinyin: Zhèjiāng Wàiguóyǔ Xuéyuàn) is located in the city of Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province. Zhejiang International Studies University (ZISU), situated near the West Lake.

One of the 10 public foreign languages universities in China.
Equal opportunities to obtain international experiences by taking courses, attending activities or going abroad

In Hangzhou, a city Renowned for its historic relics and natural beauty with two World Heritage Sites — West Lake and the Grand Canal.

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School dormitory - Single room  Contact us
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More Stude​nt Facilities

Teaching Rooms 

The University has modern classrooms to meet the teaching requirements. The classrooms can accommodate up to 100 students. Each classroom is equipped with advanced multimedia technology and modern audio and video facilities. In addition, there are computer labs to enhance the learning experience. 


The University Libraries have a collection of 800,000 books, 500,000 digital books and 1200 Chinese and foreign journals and periodicals.

Canteens/Food Outlets 

The life service centre at ZISU integrates leisure and learning activities. The total area of centre is 23995.4 square meters. There are a number of food outlets that provide high quality food. The canteens use self-service system. The charges are based on quantity and type of food. 

Sports Facilities 

The University has eight indoor and outdoor basketball courts, two swimming pools, four football fields, two tennis courts and three badminton courts at the University for students. There are also training tracks and indoor fitness facilities available for students.

WIFI & IT Support 

The computer network at the University assists with resource sharing and information exchange for teaching and scientific research. students will have access to WIFI on campus. A wireless connection is available in all the areas on campus. 

Health Facilities 

There are many hospitals around the University and three provincial hospitals are affiliated to the University. The University has also its own hospital that provides healthcare services to students and staff members. 


English Language Support 

There will be an additional English language support for students from both China Youth International and Zhejiang International Students University. The University organises English language conversation groups that students will be able to join. 


In addition to facilities at ZISU, you will have access to online resources of the university, including library and other learning resources. From the library and learning resources, you can access many electronic resources such as e-journal articles and e-books. You can access electronic resources anytime



We have a dedicated support team for our students and available throughout the whole week. For any questiosn, you can reach out to us
Email: info@cyi-group.com
Chinese students support tel:  
(86) 571 28225002
Foreign students support tel:   
(86) 571 ​87976000
Company Address: 1st Floor, Gate No.1 Huang Long Training Center Xihu District, Hangzhou, P.R. China. 
Learning Center Address: No.318 , Liuhe Road,Xihu District, Hangzhou, P.R China ( on the campus of ZUST)